Video of the Day: Tank Cemetery

This video presenting pictures of a tank cemetery near Kiev showed up on Youtube earlier today.


  1. I’m no expert on Russky tanks and AFVs (far from it) but some of these vehicles look relatively modern. If Ukraine is fighting a low-intensity war with Russia, wouldn’t it be a leap of logic to conclude that these vehicles should be modernized or at least not left sitting in a scrapyard??

    Another question: why am I and the poster of these great videos/stills the only people to be commenting on said posts? This is a really great blog; where are all the other viewers???


    • Concur – looks like some of those are even still somewhat workable – T-72s and T-80-U’s with their reactive armor? (At least as it appeared to me). I wonder if this isn’t a ‘boneyard’ of some sort where in times of crisis they could be refurb’d back out. Which begs the question…..

      Why aren’t they?


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