Video: The Chieftain tours Swedish Tank Museum

Nicholas “The Chieftain” Moran of Wargaming North America has posted this video of himself touring Arsenalen, the Swedish Tank Museum.


Video: My Tank Ancestor Phillip Laverty

Here is another video from the Tank Museum at Bovington.  This video features the great-grandson of Gnr. Reginald Laverty, one of the very first tank crewmen.

Video: Tank 100 on Trafalgar Square

From the Tank Museum at Bovington comes this video showing their replica Mark IV tank on display at Trafalgar Square.

Photo of the Day: Worthington Challenge 2016

This picture comes from an article on the recent Worthington Challenge 2016 in Gagetown New Brunswick. This event featured a variety of skills tests, including direct-fire gunnery of Leopoard 2 MBT’s. More photos and details of the event are available from the Ottawa Citizen.


BAE Systems next-gen Bradley demonstrator at AUSA

BAE systems is showcasing a next-generation Bradley IFV demonstrator at AUSA 2016.  According to IHS Jane’s 360:

The platform takes the hull structure from the BAE Systems’ Armoured Multi-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV) programme and integrates many legacy Bradley components as well as some new designs, Deepak Bazaz, BAE Systems’ director of artillery and Bradley programmes, told reporters on 3 October at the Association of the US Army (AUSA) annual symposium.

The idea is to bridge a gap between engineering change proposals (ECPs) that are underway to upgrade the Bradley fleet, to a conceptual future fighting vehicle (FFV) that the army hopes could eventually replace the fleet in the 2030s or beyond.

Video interview about AMPV Program and Future Bradley from Defense & Aerospace Report:


Here are a couple pictures, taken from

More on the General Dynamics Griffin Technology Demonstrator

Yesterday we did a quick post on the Griffin “technology demonstrator” on display by General Dynamics Land Systems at AUSA 2016.  More information on this particular vehicle has become available, including an article from Jane’s IHS and a video from Breaking Defense.

Jane’s IHS 360 – AUSA 2016: GDLS unveils demonstrator for new army light tank

General Dynamics Griffin Light Tank at AUSA

For the next two days, the 2016 AUSA exposition is taking place in Washington DC.  This is the largest expo of it’s type in North America.  We expect to see a number of news articles and photos about the new AFV technology displayed at the event over the course of this week.  One of the more interesting items at AUSA 2016 is the Griffin Technology Demonstrator on display at the General Dynamics Land Systems booth.  Over at the blog Below the Turret Ring, they have posted some photos and a description of the vehicle.  You can read their entire article here.