Photo of the Day: M60 with add-on armor

We found this photo in a forum a few days ago and while we hate to admit it, we don’t know what this is. Obviously these are US built M60 tanks. Since there is only a slot in the add on armor on the right side of the turret, we assume this is an M60A3 (the A3 has the laser range finder in the right side of the turret, whereas the earlier versions use both left and right blisters for the stereoscopic range finder). Other than that, we have to admit we have no idea what this M60 variant may be. Anyone know the answer?



  1. Steven Cavadini says:

    It is some variant of the M60A3. You can see the top portion of the crosswind-sensor between the loader and tank commander.

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  2. idahoguy101 says:

    An Israeli medication of Turk Army M-60’s?


  3. Based on some quick searches, they seem to be “M60T Sabra” uparmored tanks produced by Israel for Turkey.


  4. Hari WInkler says:

    Lol, I´m sure they know the Sabra…


  5. Just a passer by says:

    Best guess would be someone quietly upgraded a couple of their M60A3s with either the Super or AX upgrade.


  6. Joe Schmoe says:

    Spanish M-60A3E1 Cristobita with additional shielding of SBB (Santa Barbara). The program proposal was canceled after the construction of three prototypes of the Santa Barbara company.


  7. Spanish versión IIRC.


  8. Spanish versión IIRC. Beginning of the 90,s.


  9. Spanish local uparmored version of M60. Beginning of the 90s.


  10. Prototypes of modernization of tanks m 60 of the Spanish army. Did not take place when receiving leopard tanks 2


  11. Pretty sure this is a M60a1 torrent. The giveaway is not the laser port to the left. Both the A-3 and later A-1 had the laser. But both retained the left hand sight blister of the earlier A-1. However the gunner sight of the A3 was much wider to accommodate the 1st generation thermal optics. The gunner sight here is the normal width.


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