If you would like to submit something for publication to Tank and AFV News, please feel free to do so.  We are interested in the following:

  • Interesting pictures of tanks and armored vehicles.
  • Stories from tankers about their first hand experiences.  (Sorry, no stories about how someone’s father’s uncle’s German barber destroyed 17 Sherman tanks in a Tiger unless verification can be provided.)
  • Well written and researched articles about armored vehicles or armored units.  Providing sources is a big plus.  Rants about “this tank was best” or “this tank sucked” are less likely to be accepted.
  • Articles about upcoming books.  We are all for helping authors get the word out about their books and projects.  If you have a book and want to promote it, let us know.
  • Publishers, if you send us a book, we will review it! (provided it has something to do with tanks or armored vehicles.)
  • If anyone is interested in creating content for the Hobby section of the website, please contact us.
  • Submissions should be sent to

While we may consider publishing articles written under an internet username, items submitted with a real name and some biographical information will be considered a plus.


  1. Hello, Walter.

    I’ve been visiting your site pretty much since you began, and wanted to take the opportunity to let you know how interesting and entertaining I find it.

    One of my favorite places to start my day, and the blend of current and historical news and information is very entertaining and informative.

    Your recent report on ‘Tank Crew Problems’ reminded me of the two human factors engineering reports I found on-line during the last year:

    I crewed an M60 (slick) in 1966, and the issues identified in the first report were still there, especially the mesh seat.

    Hope you find this of interest,

    Joe Starns


  2. Dr. Dathan Byrd says:

    Joe has mentioned two articles relevant to a paper I just wrote about the deficiencies in the Marine Corps’ LAV seat and how it has caused numerous accidents and two deaths. I wonder if it would be worth submitting as an add-on article.


  3. Hello @tankadafvnevws. Do you had the front cover from this article? I needed for bug report in War Thunder.



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