IHS Jane’s 360 – IDEX 2017 videos

Here are some videos from the youtube channel of IHS Jane’s 360 showing some of the vehicles on display at IDEX 2017 described by Christopher Foss.




Book News: WoT Ad for the Hunnicutt “Firepower” Reprint

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Random Tank Videos

Here is a collection of some recent tank videos that have appeared on youtube.  While none of these deserved a post of their own, we thought they were entertaining enough to warrant being posted collectively.

We start with a few videos from the youtube page of Russian tank researcher Yuri Pasholok.



Here is a video of a T-34 driver showing off.

Here are some clips of US forces in Eastern Europe courtesy of Military Videos channel.



We finish with this clip of what looks like a T-62 being struck by an ATGM in Syria.

IDF retires Pereh Missile Carrier “Tank”

c2d7d3e407574488e06e669e4be6e8f6Israeli military websites are confirming that the IDF has retired the Pereh Missile Carrier.  This weapons system is based on the hull of an M48 (Magach 5) tank hull and disguised to look like a tank.  While developed and introduced in the 1980’s, this vehicle remained secret until it was finally declassified in the Summer of 2015.  As far as we can tell, there have been no English language news articles yet on the retirement of the Pereh, we have obtained this news from friends of the site that follow Israeli armor developments more closely than we are able to.  It is unclear if this retirement will be of the entire Pereh concept, or if the IDF will be fielding a version based on a more modern tank hull at some point.  The IDF also operates versions of the Tamuz missle system mounted on lighter vehicles such as the M113 and some soft skin trucks.

Veteran of Battle of 73 Easting appointed National Security Advisor

Military.com has posted an article about Army Lt. Gen H.R. McMaster, the new appointee to the position of National Security Adviser.  Those interested in armored warfare history may remember him as one of the participants of the Battle of 73 Easting during the 1991 Gulf War.

hr-mcmaster-1500-23-feb-2017-ts600It was late afternoon on Feb. 26, 1991, during the Gulf War when then-Capt. H.R. McMaster ran into a superior Iraqi armored force lying in wait to halt the main U.S. advance into occupied Kuwait.

McMaster commanded Eagle Troop of 2nd Squadron, 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment. The 2nd ACR was providing an offensive covering force for the U.S. Army’s VII Corps.

Advancing through a heavy sandstorm, McMaster’s nine M1 Abrams Tanks and 12 M3 Bradley Fighting Vehicles made contact with the large Iraqi defensive belt in the featureless Iraqi desert.

His troop destroyed approximately 50 T72 Tanks and about 25 other armored vehicles in 23 minutes in what would become known as the Battle of 73 Easting of Operation Desert Storm.

McMaster was awarded a Silver Star, the nation’s third-highest valor award, for his actions during that short-lived conflict.

Twenty-six years later, Lt. Gen. McMaster has been selected to serve as national security adviser to the Trump administration.

Read the full Military.com article here.

For more on H.R. McMaster and the Battle of 73 Easting, check out these links:

10 Lessons from the Battle of 73 Easting by H.R. McMaster

Battle of 73 Easting by Captain H.R. McMaster (PDF)

TV Documentary featuring H.R. McMaster

Book Alert: South African Armour of the Border War 1975-89

A new entry in the Osprey New Vanguard series is scheduled for release on Thursday, Feb 23.  South African Armour of the Border War 1975-89 (New Vanguard) by Kyle Harmse and Simon Dunstan is the first New Vanguard title to explore armor in Sub-Saharan Africa.  As with other books in this series, this is a softcover book of 48 pages with numerous black and white and color photos and plates.  While Kyle Harmse is a new name to us, Simon Dunstan is quite familiar, having written over 50 books on military history as well as appearing in several TV documentaries.

Publisher’s Description:

The Border War saw the biggest armoured battles in Africa since World War II. Starting as a counter-insurgency operation by the South African Defence Force (SADF) against the South West Africa People’s Organisation, South Africa became embroiled in the complex Angolan Civil War, where they came up against enemies well supplied with equipment and armoured vehicles from the Soviet Union.

With the aid of stunning illustrations and photographs, this study details the characteristics, capabilities and performance of the wide variety of armoured vehicles deployed by the SADF, from the Eland armoured car to the Ratel infantry combat vehicle and the Olifant tank. Designed for the unique conditions of the region, South Africa’s armour was distinctive and innovative, and has influenced the design of counterinsurgency armoured vehicles around the world.

Frequently requested by Osprey readers, and written by two renowned experts on armoured vehicles, this will appeal to all those interested in modern armour and the Cold War proxy wars.

AFV News from around the Web (Historic Edition)

Here is a collection of recent article dealing with historic AFVs.  Click on the headlines to go to the full article.  A word of warning, the FOX article is full of errors.  We included it anyway, since it had a few interesting things in it.


Daily Echo – Top secret tank project launched in Purbeck – project leaders says ‘send us your photos of the Valentines’

imgid98663825-jpg-galleryDIVERS working on a project to map the wreckage of top secret D-Day tanks sunk in Poole Bay have appealed for help. The Valentine 75 Project was launched in Purbeck, last week, to find out more about the seven amphibious tanks sunk during Operation Smash – the Normandy landings rehearsal that took place off Studland almost three quarters of a century ago.  Project members are now anxious to hear from anyone who may have underwater images, taken in the 1970s and 80s, of any of the Second World War vehicles, which were known as Valentine tanks.


Fox News Auto – In military collectibles, supply often falls short of demand

1487364387761When the producers of “Fury” planned to make a technically correct film about an American World War II tank crew’s exploits, they ran into a problem. The type of tank they wanted to use was nowhere to be found, the result of heavy casualties on the battlefield.  So they had to use the wrong tank.  And that’s a problem that a lot of collectors, or rather would-be collectors, of certain World War militaria can encounter. Many of the most desirable collectibles, like early tanks, airplanes and certain armaments, no longer exist except in photographs, old newsreels and the occasional museum.


MENAFN.com – Germany’s first tank turns 100

gt_c56b845c-5image_story(MENAFN – Gulf Times) The hulking grey war machine resembles a ship’s upturned hull, with one stumpy barrel protruding above the Iron Cross insignia. It’s a far cry from the Tiger and Panther tanks that ravaged WWII battlefields, but a sombre testimony to the start of a terrifying new chapter in modern warfare.   The first German tank, the A7V, was presented to the top brass for inspection in Berlin in January 1917, only a few months after the British deployed this revolutionary weapon in France in World War I.


Daily Mail – ‘Germany’s downfall’: Rare pictures show how the birth of the British tank changed the course of history securing victory for the Allies in the First World War

3d79c38900000578-4244860-image-a-32_1487673763438These are the incredibly rare photographs showing the British ingenuity that brought the dawn of the tank age and changed the Allies fortunes in the First World War.  The images show triumphant British troops atop the world’s first tanks, as well as life from the inside manning the machine guns.   These black-and-white photos are taken from the new book ‘Armoured Warfare in the First World War 1916 – 1918’ by Anthony Tucker-Jones and published by Pen & Sword Military.  Mr Tucker-Jones said: ‘The first tanks came about through the desperate need to break the terrible deadlock in the trenches.