Photo of the Day: Jogger finds Sabot

According to, a jogger in Pennsylvania found a suspicious looking object on the banks of the Susquehanna River.  After the police and bomb squad were dispatched to the scene, it was determined that the object in question is an armor piercing fin stabilized discarding sabot projectile.  Based on the fact that the Sabot appears to be held together by a hose clamp, we are going to guess this came out of someones private collection and is not a misplaced piece of US Army ordnance.


Photo of the Day: Valentine Tank

Here are a few photos we took this past weekend while in Nokesville VA. You really have to see one of these Valentine tanks in person to appreciate just how small they are. The small size of this vehicle was accentuated by the fact that it was displayed next to a M3 Grant tank.



Photo of the Day: Nokesville M4A1

We are back from our weekend at the big tank show in Nokesville VA.  One of our favorite items on display was this M4A1 Sherman tank.  According to the event organizers, this is the oldest Sherman tank in the world in running condition (the oldest in any condition is “Michael“, which is housed at Bovington.)  Note that this tank has the direct vision slits of the earliest model M4A1 tanks.  This tank was run on both days of the event, taking place in a re-enactment of a Marine assault on a fixed position.  We have to admit that we intentially stood behind this vehicle while it was being started just so we could be envelped by Sherman tank exhaust.


Photo of the Day: Luchs loading fail

This photo shows an accident involving the only running German Luchs light tank in the world.  This vehicle is from the collection at Samur and was recently restored.


Source: yuripasholok.livejournal

Photo of the Day: A Centurion in Germany

The POTD comes from the British tabloid The Sun.  While we try to avoid tabloids, we thought sharing this photo/article would be fairly harmless.  This picture shows Gary Blackburn, a British man living in Germany who has annoyed his neighbors by setting up a shrine to his home country, including a Centurion tank.


Source article.

Photo of the Day: Air Drop Testbed

Today’s POTD comes from the facebook feed of Friends of the Tank Museum.  This is a picture of a testbed built as part of a British program to test the impact of a tank being dropped by aircraft with a parachute.  The tests showed that the hull took considerable damage from the drop.  As the other pictures in the post show, this mock-up later ended up on a range as a target and is presumed to have been scrapped at some point.  View the entire photo gallery at the facebook page for Friends of the Tank Museum.



Photo of the Day: Ordnance in a Box


This picture shows some old ordnance in a cardboard box that we recently dropped off at the Dixon IL police department.  The box was dropped off by an elderly gentleman who had an affiliation with a nearby gun range and appears to contain a M9 anti-tank rifle grenade.  The munitions were taken to a nearby garage and later disposed of by the county bomb squad.  The Dixon Police department posted a picture of the box on Twitter with the message “If you find an unexploded WWII anti-tank round in your home, PLEASE, don’t drive it to the police department in a cardboard box.  Call us and we will come to you to help dispose of it.”



Photo(s) of the Day: The View from Inside a Tiger II

Today’s Photo of the Day feature comes courtesy of author and researcher Ken Estes.  These are some pictures he took while climbing around and inside the Tiger II tank housed at the Musée des Blindés (“Museum of Armoured Vehicles”) in Saumur, France.  These pictures show the view from the various crew positions and give a pretty good idea of just how limited a range of vision WWII era tank crews enjoyed.

Driver’s periscope


Gunner’s sight


Commander’s cupola periscope


Commander’s open hatch position


Photo of the Day: Prom in a Tank

Yes, we know it’s an APC, not a tank, but “Prom in a Tank” is a far catchier headline than “Prom in an APC.”  This photo comes from The Sun which reported that these British teenagers were driven to the Prom in their grandfather’s Saurer 4K 4FA.


Photo of the Day: “Covfefe” Paladin

While we try to steer clear of politics here, we couldn’t resist this photo of an M109 SPG with the word “covfefe” stenciled on the gun barrel.


photo source