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At the current time, Tank and AFV News does not have the resources to adequately cover news about the world of hobbies and models.  However, we can recommend several good places for people looking for such news.

For news and product reviews, be sure to check out Armorama.

Also be sure to check out the internet forum Missing-lynx.com.

And of course, there is the website for the magazine FineScale Modeler.

Be sure to check out this amazing gallery of models by Steven Zaloga!

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As this website grows, we may branch out to include coverage of the hobby and model building world.


  1. jaquebauer says:

    The US governmemt thru the Base Realignment and Closure act has forced the closure of the US Army Tank and Ordnance Musuem at Ft Mead in Maryland. It will not reopen. The Armor has been relocated to Ft. Lee in Virginia. This is a great loss to all who have a serious interest in small arms and Armor. Perhaps you are aware of this closing, as it ocurred in 2013. I just learned of the closing today. Those of us who has visited the museum and the acres of old tanks, some captured German, and Japanese, railroad guns, a V2 missle, and Tarzon bomb, along with the small arms collection will forever miss this unique collection. The museum became victim to a Congress who couldnt find the money to preserve this important history, but could fund corrupt green energy startups.

    Check out https://twitter.com/jaque_bauer/status/750934279274639361?s=09


  2. The museum was originally at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland. There was a small museum at Ft. Meade focusing on WWI and the origin of the First U.S. Army. The latest information I have seen is that the collection may have been moved to Fort Benning, GA, which is a pity since it takes it away from the heavily populated areas of the U.S. so that you need to make a very dedicated trip to see the collection. There may be items displayed at Ft. Belvoir, VA when the U.S. Army Museum is finally built there.


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