C&Rsenal on the T-Gewehr Anti-Tank Rifle

For those with an interest in historic anti-tank weapons, we strongly recommend this video by C&Rsenal on the German T-Gewehr anti-tank rifle.  C&Rsenal hosts Othias and Mae do a very good job of explaining the history of this rather unique and unusual rifle and also provide a live fire demonstration.  We generally try to keep a pretty neutral tone in our posts here at Tank and AFV News, but we have to admit to being big fans of C&Rsenal.  We don’t typically have reason to link to their videos since small arms are not our subject matter, so we were rather pleased to see them cover something related to tanks in the form of the T-Gewehr.  If you like this video, please check out their other videos on WW1 small arms at their website.

Photo of the Day: Bat Tank

We found this fun picture over at Tank-Net.com.  It seem’s the Batman craze of the 1960’s made it all the way over to tankers in Vietnam.

bat tank

Video: DefExpo 2016

Here are a few videos from the recent DefExpo in India featuring combat vehicles including Arjun Mk I, Arjun Mk II, Kestrel 8×8 armoured vehicle and Tata Motors MPV.

For further details about the vehicles featured in the video, check out this article.

Tank Talk: Tiger and King Tiger

Here are a couple new episodes of “Tank Talk” featuring Len Dyer of the National Armor and Cavalry Restoration Center.


Photo(s) of the Day: Sentinel Tank

Since the Australian Sentinel tank has been in the news quite a bit lately, we put together this small gallery of public domain photos from the Australian War Memorial website.

T-90 vs TOW missile

Cd_geWaW0AApThZThe Washington Post has picked up the story of a Russian built T-90 tank in Syria being attacked with a US built TOW missile.  Video of this incident first appeared in late February and made the rounds in various news outlets and websites.  The original video cuts off shortly after the missile appears to strike the tank, leaving it unclear as to how much damage was inflicted by the attack.  The Washington Post article shows a photo of the T-90 tank taken from the website “War Is Boring” which shows that the T-90 survived the attack largely intact, with the damage being limited to, ironically, the Shtora  counter-measure system.  The Shtora system is intended to electronically disrupt missiles such as the TOW, although in this particular instance the system was either not turned on or not working.  The ineffectiveness of the TOW missile in this particular instance is being attributed to the Kontakt-5 reactive armor which protects the T-90.  The article notes that the TOW missile used in this attack was likely the older TOW 2A model, which flies directly at it’s target.  The newer TOW 2B flies above the target and detonates its warhead downward into the generally more vulnerable top armor of its target.

Australian War Memorial Videos

Here are some tank related videos from the Australian War Memorial Youtube channel.

Film Collection Online: Tracks on Sprockets

Anatomy of the Mark IV

British Mark IV Tank in action – F03728 (silent)

Film Collection Online: DPR Highlights – Australian Army

Mephisto – rarest tank in the world