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Welcome to the Recommended Books section.  We are currently in the process of building this page.  Our eventual plan is to have books listed in three catagories, by Author, by Topic and by Series.  All images and links go to an Amazon listing for the book.  Purchasing a book via amazon by following the link from this site allows us to make a small “referrers” fee.  This is the closest we plan to come to putting ads on the website.

Recommended Books by Author

Kenneth Estes

David Fletcher

Richard Hunnicutt

Robert Icks

Richard Ogorkiewicz

Harry Yeide

Steven Zaloga

More to Come!


Recommended Books by Topic

Sherman Tank

Tiger Tank

History of US Armor Force

History of German Panzer Force – WW2

French Armor – World Wars

French Armor – Post World War 2

More to Come!


Recommended Books by Series/Publisher

Osprey New Vanguard

Opsrey Duel

Images of War

Kagero Photosniper

AFV Weapons Profile

Museum Ordnance Special

Squadron Signal Armor in Action

Panzer Tracts




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