Video: Forgotten Weapons looks at the Super Bazooka

The popular firearms channel Forgotten Weapons takes a look at the M20A1B1 Super Bazooka anti-tank weapon.

Video Lecture: Design and History of the M4 Sherman Tank During World War II

World of Tanks researcher Nicholas Moran recently gave a lecture on the Design & History of the M4 Sherman Tank at the New York Military Affairs Symposium.  The entire presentation was recorded by C-Span.  The lecture is a little over an hour with a half hour Q&A at the end.  As can be expected from Nick Moran, its a quality lecture.  Some of the Q&A questions are a bit goofy (why is that guy bringing up Smedley Butler?), but that’s generally how these sorts of things go.

You can view the lecture at the C-Span website here or click on the image below.

Design andhistory of M4 Sherman


Time Lapse Video from NACM

Here is a short video from the National Armor and Cavalry Restoration Center on Fort Benning, Ga showing some of the items they have in their possesion.  We look forward to the day when these historic armored vehicles have a home in the new building planned for this museum.


Inside the Chieftain’s Hatch: Char В1 Bis part 1

This one is pretty cool.  Nick “The Chieftain” Moran takes a look at the French Char B1 Bis.  This video is part 1, which looks at the exterior of the vehicle.

Photo of the Day: Jogger finds Sabot

According to, a jogger in Pennsylvania found a suspicious looking object on the banks of the Susquehanna River.  After the police and bomb squad were dispatched to the scene, it was determined that the object in question is an armor piercing fin stabilized discarding sabot projectile.  Based on the fact that the Sabot appears to be held together by a hose clamp, we are going to guess this came out of someones private collection and is not a misplaced piece of US Army ordnance.


Book Alert: Sturmgeschütz: Panzer, Panzerjäger, Waffen-SS and Luftwaffe Units 1943–45

Osprey has released a new hardcover book by German armor researcher Thomas Anderson titled Sturmgeschütz: Panzer, Panzerjäger, Waffen-SS and Luftwaffe Units 1943-45.  Anderson has written several books for Osprey over the last few years on German tanks and armored units.  This book is a 272 page hardcover with over 200 images.

Publisher’s Description:

During the inter-war years a new kind of support weapon was recommended to the German general staff by Erich von Manstein: an armored assault gun designed to destroy prepared defensive positions and enemy tanks, laying the groundwork for an assault by the Panzers and Panzergrenadiers.

First rolled out in 1940, the Sturmgeschütz assault gun was an instant success, and played a vital role in the Wehrmacht throughout the war. Cheaper and quicker to produce than the German Panzers, it was deployed widely and with great success, particularly in the later years of the war, forming an integral part of armored units as well as its more traditional infantry support role.

This book traces the story of the Sturmgeschütz from its original design in the 1930s to its use in the last desperate days of the German war effort. Drawing on original material from German archives and private collections, and replete with over 200 images, Sturmgeschütz tells the thrilling story of the Wehrmacht’s unsung workhorse.


More AUSA videos

Earlier this month we posted some videos from Jane’s and DefenseWeb TV showing some of the vehicles and weapons systems on display at the recent AUSA show.  Here are some more.






Videos from Forgotten Weapons youtube channel

One of the most popular youtube pages devoted to firearms history is Forgotten Weapons.  While firearms are generally outside the scope of this website, every once in a while they will take a look at an anti-tank rifle or some other type of weapon that pertains to armored warfare.  Here are a couple recent videos that meet that description.


Military History Visualized youtube channel on tanks

The Military History Visualized youtuube page is a popular series exploring all manner of military history topics.  Occasionally they delve into the subject of armored warfare, particularly as it relates to the Second World War.  Here are some of their videos from the past few months dealing with armored vehicles and armored warfare.






Photo of the Day: Cold War Size Comparision

We stole this photo from the forum.  It shows a US M60A1 tank showing off it’s considerable height advantage (disadvantage?) against a Soviet T-54/55.