Book Alert: Can Openers by Nicholas Moran

Echo Point Publishing has posted pre-order information for the long awaited volume by World of Tanks researcher Nicholas Moran on US Tank Destroyer development.  This is a hardcover book of 240 pages containing photographs and reports, many of which come previously undiscovered from the archives.  Deliverly is said to be late December, hopefully in time for Christmas.  We have had the opportunity to view an advance digital copy of this book and can vouch for its quality.  We will be posting a more complete book review later this week.

Publisher’s Description:

CanOpenerPreorderEcho Point is pleased to partner with World of Tanks again for this Limited Edition Hardcover edition of Can Openers by Nicholas Moran, aka The Chieftain,” Director of Militaria Relations at Wargaming America.

This new work fills a gap in the existing documentation for these fascinating tank killers.

Hardback, about 240 pages long, $52.95 plus shipping, and filled with reports and photographs taken primarily from Ordnance Branch and Tank Destroyer Board archives, most of it previously unpublished, it traces the development of anti-tank vehicles from the 37mm Gun Motor Carriage T2 through to the 90mm Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Gun M56 Scorpion. The bonus code coming with the book, for PC, is for an M56. It does not cover the deployment and use of the vehicle, only the technical development of the designs and the decisionmaking behind that development.

Order fulfillment will take place toward the end of December.  We hope these may even ship in time for holiday delivery(!)  Updates on our delivery timeframe will be posted as they occur.  Orders will be shipped in the order received, so order early to ensure the earliest delivery date!

Pre-order the book here

New Book Alert: M-60 Main Battle Tank In Action

A new entry in the “In Action” series by David Doyle has been released by Squadron Signal, M-60 Main Battle Tank In Action.  This is an 80 page softcover volume containing both black and white and color photos.  For a preview of the book, check out the video preview posted below.

Publisher’s Description:

The M60 Main Battle Tank was conceived as the successor to the M48 Patton with the hope that it would prove a better adversary to the Soviet T-54A. Introduced in 1959, the 105mm-armed M60, and its variants, the M60A1 and M60A3, remained in production into 1987, forming the backbone of the U.S. armored force until it was supplanted by the M1 Abrams. In addition to the conventional cannon-armed versions of the M60, the M60A2 variant, sometimes dubbed “the starship,” featured new departures in tank armament. The M60A2 was armed with a 152mm projector, which could fire a conventional round with a fully combustible casing, or the MGM-51 Shillelagh anti-tank missile. Completing the M60 family were the M728 armored engineer vehicle, and the still-in-service M60 Armored Vehicle-Launched Bridge. Packed with 155 vintage color photos, 69 historic black-and-white images, by numerous fine line drawings, and a detailed data table, this 80-page volume traces the history of America’s iconic Cold War tank

The Tank Museum presents Cambrai: The Tank Corps Story Part 1/3

Part of the three part video series by the Tank Museum on the Battle of Cambrai.

Video: King Tiger: Why No MG-42

If you have ever wondered why late war German tanks retained the MG-34 machine gun despite the fact that it had been replaced by the MG-42, the Military History Visualized youtube channel answers your questions.

Inside the Chieftain’s Hatch: Char В1 Bis part 2

Here is part two of World of Tanks researcher Nick Moran exploring the interior of  the French Char B1 Bis tank.

Video: Forgotten Weapons looks at the Super Bazooka

The popular firearms channel Forgotten Weapons takes a look at the M20A1B1 Super Bazooka anti-tank weapon.

Video Lecture: Design and History of the M4 Sherman Tank During World War II

World of Tanks researcher Nicholas Moran recently gave a lecture on the Design & History of the M4 Sherman Tank at the New York Military Affairs Symposium.  The entire presentation was recorded by C-Span.  The lecture is a little over an hour with a half hour Q&A at the end.  As can be expected from Nick Moran, its a quality lecture.  Some of the Q&A questions are a bit goofy (why is that guy bringing up Smedley Butler?), but that’s generally how these sorts of things go.

You can view the lecture at the C-Span website here or click on the image below.

Design andhistory of M4 Sherman