The Matilda Diaries Part 14

The Tank Museum presents the 14th installment in their series documenting the restoration of a Matilda infantry tank.

Video: Steve Zaloga on the “Five of Hearts”

Here is a new video from the War Stories facebook page featuring Steve Zaloga discussing the story of the WWI era tank “Five of Hearts.”  Click on the image below to view the video.

Edit: Sorry, I forgot to imbed the link into the image.  It is fixed now.

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TFB on Kubinka Tank Museum

Tank-Museum-3-660x440The Firearms Blog has posted a review of the Kubinka Tank Museum outside of Moscow.  This is not a particularly in-depth review, but it does include some nice photos of the museum and some of the vehicles housed there.  The vehicle descriptions are not particularly detailed, something not unexpected given that this is posted on a firearms blog, not an AFV themed blog.  Enjoy it for what it is.

Click here to view the post at TFB: The Russian Kubinka Tank Museum

Audio: Steven Zaloga on War College Podcast

war collegeThis came out in April, but we just came across it today.  Noted tank expert and author Steven Zaloga discusses the history of tanks on the War College podcast.  This podcast is a nice primer on the topic.  War College is a weekly podcast hosted by Matthew Gault of War Is Boring and produced by Bethel Habte, podcast editor at

Listen to the podcast here.

Episode description:

War nerds love tanks. The battlefield behemoths drove onto the scene in the early days of World War I, replaced the cavalry and became synonymous with war. But which one is the best?

This week on the show, author Steven Zaloga walks us through the ins and outs of armored vehicles. He explains how the French Renault doesn’t get enough credit, how the Sherman came to dominate Europe and how people always forget about the Russians.

It’s everything you ever wanted to know about tanks but were afraid to ask on War College this week. How have wire guided missiles changed the game? What’s reactive armor and why does it explode? And what, if any, is the point of tanks in low intensity warfare?


Forgotten Weapons videos on two unusual Anti-tank Rifles

Over at the Forgotten Weapons youtube channel, host Ian McCollum takes a look at a couple unusual and rare anti-tank rifles.

The first video takes a look at the only surviving prototype of a WWI American .50 cal anti-tank rifle by Winchester.


The second video looks at the Model SS41, a Czech bullpup anti-tank rifle adopted by the Waffen SS.

Tank Chats #40 Crusader

David Fletcher of the Tank Museum at Bovington takes a look at the British WWII era Crusader tank.

Video: Saint Chamond, Mark IV replica & A7V replica, Tankfest-2017

This video from the recent Tankfest 2017 showing the WWI era participant vehicles comes from the youtube channel of Russian tank researcher Yuri Pasholok.  The Mark IV and the A7V are replicas, so its hard to say how much they sound like the original vehicles.