Tanks of World War II – Episode 7: Renault R-35 and Hotchkiss H-35

Finally, a new episode of The Tanks of World War II! This one looks at the French Renault R-35 and the Hotchkiss H-35. Don’t forget to check out our page of further reading suggestions.


  1. Hello, nice vid ! Thank you. Two little nic tidbits: the Reibeil was developed as a fortification gun and was specifically designed to be used in a twin mount. Hence the ammo drum was mounted on the side: right side of the right gun of the twin, left side for the left side of the twin.

    The Israelis managed to upgun the 39H with a 6 pdr. Sort of a prelude to the later upgunned shermans.

    For your panzerjäger vid, it might be useful to know that the French alreday developed these in 1940 on R35 chassis: one type with a 47 APX M37gun and one type with a 75 mm mle 1897.


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