From the Vault: LIFE Magazine ads

At least one person commented that they were having trouble seeing the image in this post.  We decided to redo and expand the post, adding another ad to the photo gallery.

The first ad comes from a 1943 issue of Life Magazine.  In it, Westinghouse is bragging up the gun stabilization system on the M4 Sherman.  It’s probably fair to say that Westinghouse is exaggerating just a bit in this ad.

The second ad also comes from 1943 and is from the Chrysler Corporation.  The tittle of the ad is “How to Jockey a General Sherman.”



Video: Hot Rod Ferret

This video featuring an extensively modified Ferret scout car is essentially a commercial for Toyo Tires.  While we generally try not to post commercials, this one is too cool to pass up. For more information on this particular Ferret, click here.

Photo of the Day: KV-2

A destroyed Russian KV-2.  We don’t have a date for this picture but it’s probably safe to assume this picture was taken in 1941 during Operation Barbarossa.  One can only imagine the power of the explosion that could toss such a heavy turret upside down.

KV-2 KO_1

Tank Biathlon 2016

Starting today, The World Championship Tank Biathlon 2016 takes place in Alabino, Russia  running from July 30 until August 15.  The Tank Biathlon World Championship consists of tests of driving, racing and shooting with various vehicles. It features 39 crews from 13 countries, including Russia, Serbia, India, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Kuwait, Armenia, Belarus and China.  All teams will be using Russian made T-72B3 tank with the exception of China, who bring a tank of their own design (last competition it was a ZTZ-96A), and Belarus, who will be using their own modernized T-72. The individual winners are set to be named on August 6, including three best tank crews. The eight teams will participate in the semi-final relay race on August 13.

For more details, check out articles from and also has a video version of their article posted below:


ABCNews has a photo gallery from the March regional stage of the Tank Biathlon.

Here is a short videos showing footage from some of the other regional qualifying competitions:

Video: BT-7 Artillery tank

Here is a short video showing a replica 76mm gun turret being lowered onto a BT-7 hull.  This comes from the youtube page of Russian tank researcher Yuri Pasholok.

Video: Abandoned & Wrecked Tanks

Here is a new youtube video of abandoned & wrecked tanks.  Many of these images have been seen before, but it’s still worth a watch.

Photo of the Day: M5 Stuart

The PotD is a M5 Stuart tank on display in DeKalb, Illinois.  M5 Stuart tanks on display are not all that uncommon, but we decided to point this one out since a recent article noted that this tank, nicknamed “Donna”, is going to get a new paint job.  Hat’s off to everyone in Dekalb who is donating time and money to repaint this historic vehicle.


(Photo source here.)