Recommended Books: Steven Zaloga

Steven Zaloga is one of the most well known and prolific writers on the topic of tanks and armored vehicles.  He has written hundreds of books, below is just a small sample of his work.  We have not included any of his many series books in this list (Osprey New Vanguard, Osprey Duel, Concord, Tanks Illustrated, etc) so as to keep the list reasonable.

Patton Versus the Panzers: The Battle of Arracourt, September 1944

Armored Champion: The Top Tanks of World War II

Armored Thunderbolt: The U.S. Army Sherman in World War II

Armored Victory 1945: U.S. Army Tank Combat in the European Theater from the Battle of the Bulge to Germany’s Surrender

Armored Attack 1944: U. S. Army Tank Combat in the European Theater from D-Day to the Battle of Bulge

Soviet tanks and combat vehicles of World War Two

Soviet/Russian Armor and Artillery Design Practices: 1945 to Present

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