Ukrainian Tank Commander becomes Internet meme

Alexy ChabanReuters has an interesting article about the Facebook page of Ukrainian tank commander Alexei Chaban. A First Lieutenant of the Ukrainian 17th Tank Brigade, Chaban, 50, became an internet sensation after he posted an open letter on Facebook to the mother of a Russian tank commander whose life he had spared during a skirmish last week. The incident occurred on Jan. 22 when a Russian commander, gunner, and driver got ouf of their damaged vehicle within gun range of Chaban’s tank. “When they got out of their disabled vehicle, we just had to push a button in our tank and all that would have been left of them would have been a memory of our sinful world,” Chaban wrote. “We didn’t kill them. We let them go.” Chaban’s Facebook page is in Russian and contains numerous snapshots from the field and commentary on equipment.

Article link here.


  1. This commander shows that there are still soldiers who have honor!!
    Bravo Zulo!!


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