Tank and AFV articles from “War is Boring”

War is Boring” is a website that posts regular original content that focuses on war, military technology and international politics.  Below are links to some of their recent articles pertaining to tanks and armored vehicles:

Germany Still Loves Its Tanks: Berlin upgrades Leopard 2s Jan 20, 2015

The U.S. Army Wanted to Replace the Bradley 38 Years Ago Jan 18, 2015

China’s got a New Mountain Tank Jan 9, 2015

Some older articles that may still be of interest:

The T-34 Was a War-Winning Tank Nov 12, 2014

The Sherman Was America’s Best Worst Tank Nov 9, 2014

The Giant Cannon is the Bigfoot of Modern Tank Design Sep 28, 2014

The World’s Best Tank Has the World’s Longest Designation Aug 12, 2014

Cold War Super-Tanks Enter Battle In Ukraine Jul 3,2014

And for film buffs, here are three articles about movies featuring tanks:

The Comedy the Pentagon Wishes We’d Forget Jan 11, 2015

The Playwright, the Warlord and “The Beast” Dec 15, 2014

“Fury” Is an Excellent War Film – And a Shocking Horror Movie Oct 19, 2014


  1. George Bradford (the old AFV News) says:

    Extremely interesting website … if I may say so.


  2. Thanks for commenting George! I keep an eye on the AFV news discussion board over at Com-central-net, saw your update there. Glad to hear you are doing well. I have always liked your AFV plans series of books even though I am a poor excuse for a model builder.


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