Defense IQ: Global Armored Vehicles Market Report 2015

Whitepaper-iavxvDefence IQ has released their Global Armoured Vehicles Market Report for 2015.  This is a market report geared toward people working in the defense industry.  However, there are enough technical descriptions and news about specific vehicle programs to make it interesting to tank and afv buffs.  Registration is required to download the report, but there is no fee.

Report description from Defense IQ:

Defence IQ is delighted to announce the release of the 4th annual Global Armoured Vehicle Market Report 2015.

The flashpoints of the latter half of 2014 – the Ukraine crisis, a hot conflict in Gaza, the brutal rise of ISIL in Iraq and Syria, and the territorial clashes between China and its neighbours – make it one of the more eventful years in recent memory for global security. The economic pressures choking military budgets in Western countries these last few years remain, but governments and defence ministries are finding the funds to bolster military capabilities where necessary. The outlook for the armoured vehicle market is more compelling than it has been since the 2008 economic downturn triggered widespread anxiety and the post-Iraq hangover that resulted in sluggish demand and supply.

Based on a survey of 205 senior executives and professionals within the armoured vehicle domain, including both commercial and military respondents, this report explores how the future of the global armoured vehicle market is likely to evolve over the next decade. 

Topics examined in the report include; regional market opportunities; government and military R&D investment priorities; the key challenges facing armoured vehicle manufacturers over the next decade and armoured vehicle design requirements.

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