Ukraine Announces increase in tank production

Oplot_002lThe Moscow Times is reporting that Ukrainian state arms manufacturer UkrOboronProm said it would boost tank production by an unprecedented 2,300 percent in 2016.  The company’s general director, Roman Romanov, stated in a press release that UkrOboronProm will expand production of its Oplot main battle tanks from five units per year to 40 for 2015 and 120 per year from 2016 onward.  The article noted that Russia has over 2,750 tanks in active service, with more than 18,000 in storage, while Ukraine has 1,150 tanks in service, with a further 1,435 in storage.  The Oplot MBT, also known as the T-84, is derived from the Soviet era T-80 tank.  First built in 1994 and entering service in 1999, the Oplot differs from the T-80UD in that it has a welded rather than cast turret, as well as various other upgrades.

For those looking for information and stats on the Oplot MBT, the Kharkiv Morozov Design Bureau website offers a surprising amount of information.

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