British armor invades German garden! (by accident)

soM1mS3Iela6gxSNT7z8WQq4d5eZ0oBwTip2vS (1)For the Record has posted about a humorous accident that happened in Germany recently. The incident happened on the road in Borchen Paderborn (Paderborn district) on Tuesday morning. A British Warrior IFV being used in a driving training exercise suffered a malfunction causing it to fishtail and crash into a residential garden.  The track of the powerful vehicle damaged only in the boundary wall and crushed the hedge, but spared the house. The vehicle occupants were unharmed, police said.  Ulrich Tilsner was about to leave for his granddaughter and help her move when he heard the crash. “My grandfather called me and said, ‘I’m a bit later. I have a tank in the garden, “says 23-year old Stephanie Ney.  Stefanie Ney called her mother Manuela, who also lives in the house, but at the time of the accident was not at home. “My daughter said, ‘Mom, in your front yard is a tank’ I first thought that she was making fun of me.” Manuela Ney describes the call. Slowly the information her daughter broke through to her and she realized what had happened: “After it was then clarified that the grandparents were safe, my first concern was our dog? How’s Lucky”  The recovery of the powerful vehicle lasted several hours. “They closed the road here and the tank was then pulled out,” 

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