Book Alert: Ampersand Publishing announces three new books

US halftracksOver at Armorama is a post announcing that Ampersand Publishing is going to release three new books for American AFV fans. The first is a new hard cover book covering American half-tracks.  At 456 pages, this promises to be a very comprehensive look at the ubiquitous US armored transport.  Ampersand’s Son of Sherman is one of the definitive books on the Sherman tank.  It can be hoped that this book on US Halftracks will continue that tradition of quality, in-depth coverage.

The Military Machine, Volume One – U.S. Half-tracks
The development and deployment of the U.S. Army’s half-track vehicles, Part one
By David Doyle, 456 pages, hardcover. $49.95. ISBN: 978-0-9895547-6-3

Also announced are two additions to the Visual History series with books covering the M103 tank and 6-ton trucks.

six ton truckSix-Ton Trucks
A Visual History of the Army’s Most Versatile Heavy Truck 1941-1950
From Prime Mover to Truck-Tractor By David Doyle
Coverage of the Prime Mover, K-56 Radar Van, Bridge Erector, Crane Carrier, Tanker, Fire Truck and the Truck Tractor in period photos. Also includes walk around photos of the Prime Mover, Bridge Erector and Crane Carrier.
128 pages, soft cover, over 260 black & white and color images$22.95. ISBN: 978-0-9895547-9-4

M103M103 Heavy Tank
A Visual History of America’s Only Operational Heavy Tank 1950-1970
By David Doyle
Scale drawings. Coverage of the T43, T43E1, M103, T43E2, M103A1, M103A2 and M51 Tank Retriever in period and walk around photos.
120 pages, soft cover, over 260 black & white and color images. $22.95. ISBN: 978-0-9895547-8-7

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