WoT’s Chieftain posts new article: US Centurion Part 1

chieftains hatchOver at The Chieftain’s Hatch section of the World of Tanks forum, the Chieftain has published a new article.  The beginning of the article is posted below, please follow the link at the bottom to read the entire piece.

US Centurion Part 1 – You will recall that some time ago I covered the US Army’s evaluation of the Sherman Firefly in three parts comparing it to the M4(76) and the M26. Frankly, Firefly didn’t fare all that well. The Cruisers didn’t do all that well against Sherman in either British or American tests either. Well, a couple of years later, a similar, albeit less rigid, set of tests was conducted, comparing Centurion to M26 and T29. 

These tests were a little more generic, as they were more focused on the tank as a whole rather than, as in the Firefly’s case, the weapon installation effectiveness. I’ve come across three Centurion reports so far, and I’ll go over then over, again, a period of articles. Interestingly, they are not in the sequence you might expect: The first two reports were filed on the Centurion III in the first half of 1950, the third was of the Centurion II in the second half of the year.

Click here to read the full article at The Chieftain’s Hatch.

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