From the Vault: Korean War tanker memoirs

header_main_570x78The website Korean War Educator hosts an impressive number of written memoirs from Korean war veterans.  Several of these memoirs are from veterans that served with armored units.  These are all well written and worth a read, providing interesting details on Korean War tanks as well as insights into the experiences of the men who served in these vehicles.  Some of the entries also have photo galleries.  We have listed the tank related entries below with links.

Dean Servais – 1st Tank Battalion, Dog Company, Pusan, Inchon, Chosin, Korea 1950-51 (USMC)

Leonard Martin – 1st Tank Btn., Tank Commander, F22.  Flame Tank Platoon.  Korea Nov. ’50-Nov. ’51 (USMC)

Joe KleKotta – Motor Pool Sergeant, Co. B., 245th Heavy Tank Btn., 45th Infantry Division, Korea 1/53-8/53

Jack W. Windsor – 1st Armored Amphibian Battalion, B Co 2nd Platoon (USMC), 1951-52

Chris Sarno – “You’ll Be Soorree” Able Co, 1st Tank Battalion, Korea 1951-52, 2nd Tour in Korea 1954 (USMC)

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