Jordan buys South African 6×6 armored vehicle

Jordan-first-buyer-of-South-African-armored-vehicleIt’s being reported that Jordan has become the first customer to purchase the Mbombe 6×6 armored vehicle from South Africa’s Paramount Group.  The initial 50 vehicles for the Jordanian armed forces will be assembled in Jordan by KADDB, or the King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau, which will also produce some components for it.  Additional details of the deal, including its monetary value, were not disclosed.  The Mbombe features a flat hull, Level 4 mine-protected technology for protection against 22-pound land mines and improvised explosive devices with a blast equivalent to as much as 100 pounds of TNT. Ballistic protection is provided against 14.5mm heavy machine gun rounds, and similar levels of protection are employed for protection from 155mm artillery bursts.

South Africa has a long tradition of producing wheeled armored vehicles, including a range of different MRAP vehicles.  In fact, South African production of armored cars dates all they way back to 1940, as this video attests.

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