From the Vault: German comment on enemy tanks

coverWhat did Germany think of the tanks fielded by the Allies in WWII?  This article from Tactical and Technical Trends Number 35, October 7, 1943 should give a few clues to the answer to that question.  The piece in Tactical and Technical Trends is an English translation of a German language article that appeared in the June 27 1943 edition of Das Reich.  Oddly enough, the article has very little to say about German tank design but rather spends quite a few words praising the M4 Sherman.  For example, the article points out the M4 “represents one of the special accomplishments of the North American laboratories.  With its turtle-shaped crown rising in one piece above the “tub” and turret it must be regarded as quite a praiseworthy product of the North American steel industry.”


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