IDEX videos from DefenseWeb TV

DefenseWeb TV has posted a series a youtube videos featuring various weapons systems displayed at last weeks IDEX 2015 conference in the UAE.  Posted below are some of the videos focusing on armored vehicles.  These videos consist primarily of interviews with the company representative for the featured product with some (somewhat odd) copyright free music tacked onto the beginning of the clip.  Essentially they are commercials for the product, but they still include some interesting footage of these new weapons systems.

IDEX 2015 live demonstration land mobility track defense Abu Dhabi UAE United Arab Emirates


CMI Defence Cockerill Protected Weapon Station CPWS Turret Textron Commando 4×4 armored IDEX 2015


Cockerill 3000 Series weapon system CMI Defence at IDEX 2015 exhibition Abu Dhabi UAE


Streit Group at IDEX 2015 international defense exhibition in Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates


Titus Nexter multirole armoured vehicle Systems IDEX 2015 Defense Exhibition Abu Dhabui UAE version


VBCI Nexter CTA 40 40 mm turret weapon system IDEX 2015 defense exhibition

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