On the lighter side: Russian student builds tank out of snow

snow tankThe Moscow Times is reporting that Alexander Zhuikov, who studies in Novosibirsk, has spent the last month building a solid 20-ton version of a SU-122-54 tank.  The tank, which is colored khaki-green, comes with a gun barrel, turret and caterpillar tracks. It stands at a height of 2 meters and measures 6 meters long, excluding the gun barrel, which is made out of cardboard, Roughly 20 tons of snow was needed to build the tank.  Zhuikov built the tank in order to take part in a competition called “Tank in Ambush,” which is run by the producers of a popular computer game called World of Tanks.  For pictures and full article, click here.


  1. RyanThomas says:

    It is a ritual to summon “General winter” clearly, the Russians build a tank out of ice and then thousands of them pop out of the snow to defend the Motherland.


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