Ukrainian Separatists turn machine plant into “tank factory” has published a story about how Ukrainian separatists have converted a machine plant into a tank repair and refurbishment facility in the rebel-hald city of Donetsk.  The Corum Donetskgormash plant, which is owned by Ukraine’s richest man, steel billionaire Rinat Akhmetov, was occupied late last year by rebels.  According to the article, numerous  T-62 and T-64 tanks, armoured personnel carriers and self-propelled artillery are stored in the plant, all of which are “trophies” taken from Kiev government forces on the battlefield.  Separatists claim to be able to produce one working vehicle from every two or three that are captured, turning out one or two vehicles every day.  The majority of the vehicles were captured from government troops when they beat a retreat from the town of Debaltseve after a months-long siege, which culminated with the rebels storming the transport hub on February 18, three days into a ceasefire.  Full article here.

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