20 mph speed limit for UK armor causes traffic jams, affects crew and vehicles

challenger2_07_of_14The Telegraph is reporting that British Army battle tanks will be able to drive at 40 mph on public roads, reversing a change implemented 18 months ago that cut the speed limit for tracked vehicles to 20 mph.  These changes were in response to concerns that drivers are attempting dangerous maneuvers when stuck behind a slow-moving military convoy.  Tank crews are expected to train regularly on the highway in preparation for active service.  Army records show that between November 2013 and July 2014, there were 36 near-misses caused by motorists attempting to overtake slow-moving armored convoys.  The article notes that travelling at 20 mph on road is not idea for British crews and vehicles, stating that trainee tank crews had reported a range of “mild physiological effects” including pins and needles and joint aches after slow road driving. According to the article, travel at 20 mph creates vibrations within a “resonance frequency band” that is at a higher level than is ideal for the human body.  Full article here.

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