Article on Russian Object 477, 775, and 640 experimental tanks

SJLyPpjRussia & India Report has published an article giving brief descriptions of three experimental Russian tanks that never went into production.  The article frames these three vehicles as unique innovations that formed the basis for development of the new Russian Armata universal combat platform.  The three vehicles described in the article are the Object 477 Molot (Hammer), the Object 775 and the Object 640 Chyorhiy Orel (Black Eagle.)  The Object 775 is the oldest of the three, having been developed in the 1960s as missile tank.  Object 477 was developed in the 1980s and featured a large 152mm cannon mounted in an unmanned turret.  Object 640 was developed in the 1990s and featured a bustle mounted auto-loader and new generation Kaktus ERA.  Full article here. 


  1. I want to add that the Object 477A “Molot” did not had unmanned turret, it was low-profile turret with 2 crew member in it – gunner and comander. Model of that vehicle even shows 2 hatches.


  2. Good catch Retiv. I suppose “low profile” would have been a better description for the Molot turret than “unmanned.” I used the terminology from the original article, which appears to be incorrect.


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