From our Readers: Sexton wrecks in Italy

A Tank and AFV News reader from Italy has submitted some interesting pictures of some Sexton SPGs used as range targets in Italy.  These vehicles differ from standard Sexton SPGs in that they were re-armed with the 105mm Obice da 105/22 gun (but still retaining the original 25 pounder gun recoil system.)  These two wrecks are located at Cape Teulada, at the Italian Army training range.  The reader who submitted the pictures states that he and two others of the 1st Regiment were ordered to select 14 vehicles from the Italian army armor storage area at Lenta in November of 1986 to be transported to the firing range.  Of the 14 Sexton SPGs that were selected, one was retained as a monument at the barracks while the others were used as range targets.  (This information was sent to us written in Italian, we have translated it as best as possible using Google translate.)

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