From the Vaults: Army Research, Development & Acquisition Magazine

tank history 1 Sept Oct 1978Today we are presenting some tank related articles from the Army R,D&A (Research, Development and Acquisition) magazine.  This publication started in 1960 and is still being produced, although the name has changed to AL&T (Acquisition, Logistics and Technology).   For most of it’s history, the magazine was published bi-monthly and featured articles on new army technology and research programs.  Fortunately, a complete set of back issues is available here.  Tank and AFV News has gone through these back issues and picked out a selection of articles which may be of interest to the tank and AFV enthusiast or researcher.

We start with the Sept-Oct 1978 issue which features an article titled “Tank Development Traced to Royal Naval Air Service Early Efforts.

Next is an article from the Nov-Dec 1979 issues titles “Experimenting for Tomorrow’s Combat Vehicles” by Col. Lawrence B Fitzmorris.

The final gallery features four separate shorter articles.  They are:

2 Fighting Vehicle Concept Designs” Nov-Dec 1982

Ammunition Systems for Future tanks” Nov-Dec 1975 (2 pages)

Evolution of M60 Tank Series Continues” Mar-Apr 1985

Patton Tanks Revamped for copperhead Target Duty” Oct-Nov 1977

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