FMSO Magazine OE Watch releases details on Russian Armata tank

The Foreign Military Studies Office has released new information concerning the Russian Armata MBT in the March issue of OE Watch (Pages 51-53.)  The information in the FMSO article comes from Russian language news sources.  The picture below listing some of the technical details has been making it’s way around the internet the past several days.  It is worth nothing that the articles about Armata in both the War is Boring Blog and Real Clear Defense have mistakenly reported that the Armata has a “gas turbine” engine.  it is quite clear from the chart below that Armata has a 12 cylinder diesel engine.  The reference to a “gas turbine super-charger” refers to the turbo charging system.  It is probably a safe assumption that the engine in the Armata is the GSKB Transdizel 2B A-85-3.

Armata diagram


  1. Yeah, T-14 have diesel engine, which is suggested by exhaust system (not in any way compatible with gas turbinem just look at mighty T-80 engine compartment and T-14’s). T-14 also have actual gas turbine – as APU (auxiliary power unit) to power all subsystems while main engine is turn off. IIRC, T-80 (again) had similar APU.


    • Sounds similar to the system in the French LeClerc. I believe it also has a small gas turbine that operates as a turbo charger and APU. The Armata engine has an interesting layout. I know that the Soviets tried some other X configuration engines back in the cold war but I can’t remember the vehicle to be honest. I believe the US considered an X layout engine for the T-95, but I’ll have to check out my Hunnicutt book to confirm it.


  2. congratulation with your new site.
    Although this armata design is far from adequate as it is a mix of fantasies with object 299 drawings (


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