Controversy in Indiana over location of Sherman tank

Kokomo Sherman 2013The Kokomo Tribune is reporting on a controversy in Kokomo Indiana regarding the location of a Sherman tank.  The dispute centers around the issue of whether or not to move the tank from it’s current location in Foster Park to a nearby VFW Hall.  As to the tank itself, it’s an M4A1 with 76mm gun and HVSS suspension (M4A1E8.)  Judging from Google maps images, the tank seems to have repainted in 2008.  The M4A1E8 was the very last variant of the Sherman produced, with 1,465 built by the Pressed Steel Car Company from late 1944 to August of 1945.  As far as we can determine, the M4A1E8 saw little to no combat service during the war and afterward most were issued to reserve units or given as military aid (the US Army’s preferred variant after the war was the M4A3E8.)   Indiana seems to be the home of an unusual number of M4A1E8 tanks, according to the USA AFV register, there are 13 M4A1E8 Sherman tanks on public display around the state!

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