Algeria to get another 360 upgraded BMP IFVs

1631313_-_mainJane’s is reporting that Algeria will be receiving another 360 upgraded BMP infantry fighting vehicles to compliment the 400 upgraded BMPs they had received initially.  These vehicles are part of a contract being carried out by the Russian KBP Instrument Design Bureau.  The vehicles being upgraded are BMP-1s, the work is being done at an Algerian armor repair plant with the help of Russian technicians.  The upgrade package includes the Berezhok combat module, which is armed with four 9M133 Kornet-E anti-tank guided missiles and an AGS-30 30 mm automatic grenade launcher in addition to the 30 mm 2A42 main gun used on the BMP-2 IFV and the standard PKT 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun. The Berezhok upgrade also includes a new fire-control system and optics.

Read the Jane’s 360 article here.

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