Home-made armored vehicles of China

Today we came across this rather odd picture while searching for tank related news.  This image is from a Business Insider piece, although it has little to do with the article itself, which is a roundup of world economic news.


The photo is accompanied with a caption reading: “Villagers look on as a home-made armoured vehicle, built by local 35-year-old farmer Liu Shijie (in the vehicle), drives on a dirt road at a village in Huaibei, Anhui.”

This is not the first time a home-made tank from China has made the news.  A year ago there were multiple stories in the Western media about Jian Lin, who built a working three ton “tank” for his son.


Probably the most impressive of the home-made Chinese tanks is the “T-62” replica built by Hao Jinxi.  This vehicle features separate crew positions and a working turret.

And finally, the strangest of the home-made tanks is a five ton creation built to resemble the Transformers character “Megatron.”


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