Workers find tank hatch in Hereford, England

sherman tank hatchThe Hereford Times is reporting that workers at at a construction site found a heavy metal hatch while digging.  The object was identified as one half of the split hatch for an M4 Sherman tank.  The location of the construction site, Skylon Park in Rotherwas, was at one point home to the Royal Ordnance Factory at Rothewas.  The Factory closed in September of 1945 and taken over by the Ministry of Supply for use in breaking down obsolete or scrap armored vehicles.  The article quotes Daniel Rees of the Herfordshire Light Infantry Museum how notes “The find … pinpoints one of the actual models of vehicle being broken down, this is very important in building a picture of the site after the Second World War. If anyone has any further details of the armoured vehicles or the breaking operations in Rotherwas it would be gratefully appreciated.”

Full article here.

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