From the Vault: M551 Sheridan videos and documents

Today we present some historical documents and video concerning the M551 Sheridan light tank.  We start off with a government video showing the conduct of fire procedure for the Sheridan.  The video is dated 1969 and provides plenty of footage for those interested in the operation of the weapons system of the vehicle.

This video contains footage of an M551 being air dropped as well as a rather optimistic assessment of it’s combat potential.

Next we have a youtube clip of an M551 being started up after sitting for 20 years.

The final item we have is a document from the DTIC database on Alternate Armament combinations for the M551. This report details efforts to fit 76mm and 105mm guns into the Sheridan.  The article is described as:

A final report of the analysis, design, manufacture, and test of alternate armament fired from the M551 Vehicle. Problem areas are discussed and solutions noted. Four systems were fired. One each of 76mm and 105mm with a hand operated breech, and one each of 76mm and 105mm with a semi-automatic breech. The recoil mechanisms used were the M76 and the one used with the M81E12 Cannon in the M551 Vehicle. All firings were instrumented and a summation of test results are tabulated. Any one of these systems could be optimized to be used in the M551 Vehicle.

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