Russian Defense Ministry reveals photos of T-14 Armata

The International Business Times is reporting that Russia’s defense ministry has released it’s first official image of the new Armata T-14 tank.  The image was released via the “Russia Beyond the Headlines” news source.  The article notes that:

The heavily armored T-14 is the main battle version of the Russian Armata tank and features a 125mm gun that is remotely controlled, with an unmanned turett. The photo of the tank was first posted on the ministry’s site in a section about Victory Day, Russia’s celebration of the 70-year anniversary of the end of World War II. Images first leaked of the highly anticipated tanks in late March.

The tanks are a part of Russia’s plan to update its military, and it has proven costly with the country attempting to maintain its plan to spend 23 trillion rubles ($433 billion) despite economic contraction, Bloomberg reported.

The picture itself it not particularly exciting.  As with the other leaked pictures of Armata that have appeared, the details of the turret are obscured by a tarp.  Also, it would appear that the picture (below) referred to in the article is not of the tank version of the vehicle as it has no cannon.


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