Book Alert: Armoured Horseman: With the Bays and Eight Army in North Africa and Italy

11120Amazon has listed a release date of May 30, 2015 for the book “Armoured Horseman: With the Bays and Eight Army in North Africa and Italy” by Peter Willett.  Published by well known military book publisher Pen and Sword Books, the books will be available in both print and electronic editions and is 192 pages.

Publishers Description:

New memoirs by combatants in the Second World War are sadly rare today due to the passage of time. Armoured Horsemen will be warmly welcomed as the author, now into his 90s, fought through with The Bays from Alamein to Tunis and then on up Italy until VE Day. As a young tank troop commander his chances of survival were slim and tragically many of his friends were killed.
Peter Willett, a professional journalist and much published author, is superbly qualified to describe his war and the experiences of his fellow cavalrymen. He tells a moving story with characteristic lightness of touch and modesty.

As well as satisfying the military enthusiast, Armoured Horseman will find a ready audience in the racing fraternity. Peter describes equestrian activities in post-war Austria and goes on to summarise his career as a racing journalist, authority on breeding, membership of the Jockey Club and long association with Goodwood.

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