Book Alert: The History of the Panzerwaffe Volume 1: 1939-1943

panzerwaffeAmazon is listing a October 20, 2015 release date for the upcoming book “The History of the Panzerwaffe Volume 1: 1939-1943 by Thomas Anderson.  Published by Osprey, the book is listed as having 304 pages and is in hardcover.  In regards to books on armor, Osprey is primarily known for their “New Vanguard” series of slender soft cover books.  Over the past few years Osprey has published several hardcover books on armor as well, all of them focusing on German WW2 panzers.

Publishers Description:

This is the definitive history of the evolution of the feared German Panzerwaffe, from its earliest beginings to the height of its success. With rare and revealing combat reports and photographs sourced from previously unseen private and archival collections, it uncovers the technical and operational stories of the formidable armored beasts that formed the backbone of the German war machine–tanks such as the Panzer I, II and 38(t).

The Germans transformed armored warfare from a lumbering and ponderous experiment in World War I, into something that could decide the outcome of conflicts. This technical and operational history is the definitive guide to the legendary Panzerwaffe, from its very infancy to the days when it made Europe its garden path at the height of Nazi German power.

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