U.S. Tanks perform live-fire demonstration in Estonia

The U.S. Government DVIDS website has release video showing US tank crews performing a live-fire demonstration in Estonia.  US forces have deployed heavy forces to the Baltic states in response to the increasing tension between Russia and its NATO neighbors.

These live-fire demonstrations are described in a story from the DVIDS website written by a U.S. public affairs officer.

During the demonstration, the tank commanders’ orders and guidance could be heard from a live radio feed playing over the loud speakers. The crowd watched in awe as the 3rd ID tank platoon fired its M256A1, 120 mm smoothbore gun, performed a bounding over watch approach and eliminated a simulated target.

“The firepower of these tanks was very impressive and certainly carries the message that it’s a formidable weapon,” said Levine.

Estonia live fire 1 Estonia live fire 2

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