Israel Military Industries unveils HE-MP-T 120mm round

1353555344_1462178The Jerusalem Post is reporting that IMI (Israel Military Industries) is to display this week a tank shell that was first used operationally during last summer’s Gaza conflict, and which has been selected by a number of international military forces for urban operations.  The tank shell, designated, the M339, is set to be displayed at the Ground Forces Conference organized by Israel Defense magazine in Latrun.  According to the article, the M339 round was first used operationally during Operation Protective Edge last summer in Gaza.   IMI claims that the M339 enables “main battle tanks to participate in urban warfare without causing excessive collateral damage.”  The M399 is described as High Explosive, Multi-Purpose Tracer (HE-MP-T), the shell was designed jointly with the Defense Ministry’s Merkava Development Administration and the IDF Ground Forces.

Full article here.


  1. Smart projectile or it is something like “Kalanit”?


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