Armata suffers apparent breakdown during rehearsal

Business Insider is running an article claiming that one of Russia’s new Armata tanks suffered a mechanical malfunction during a dress rehearsal for the upcoming Victory Day Parade.  This was also reported at the RT website, which stated:

All seemed to be going to plan until one of the mighty machines unexpectedly stopped right in front of the Lenin’s mausoleum. Its engine was still running, but the tank would not move. An attempt to tow it away failed, before the T-14 eventually managed to restart and rumble off around 15 minutes later.

screen shot 2015-05-07 at 10.00.41 am

The most amusing part of the incident may be the announcers insistence that the tank malfunction was a planned event and that “We wanted to show how an evacuation of a tank would take place. It was planned that the tank would stop.”  A parade showcasing tank recovery techniques would be a rather odd parade indeed.

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