Analysis of new Armata and Kurganets vehicles

DUlogo300magazinDefense Update has posted some articles analyzing the new Russian armored vehicles displayed on the May 9 Victory Day Parade.  Be advised that these articles are somewhat speculative in nature.  Defense Update notes that the analysis will be updated throughout the week as new information comes to light.

New Russian Armor – First Analysis: Armata.

The Russian Ministry of Defense today publicly presented the first members of the Armata family of heavy armored vehicles – the T-14 main battle tank and T-15 armored infantry fighting vehicle. The two vehicles are designated to become the spearhead of the armored formations of the Russian Army – replacing the T-72, BMP-2 and MT-LB-based platforms. In Armata-centered formations, these two combat vehicles will be augmented by additional variants that have not yet been unveiled, which could include a combat engineer and counter-mine vehicle (BREM), support platforms mounting automatic cannons, missiles (Terminator) and thermobaric rockets (TOS), self-propelled guns (Coalitzia), bridge layers (MTU), and armored recovery vehicles (ARV).

Read the full article here.

New Russian Armor – First Analysis Part II: Kurganets-25

Kurganets-25 family of armored combat vehicles includes two members of a new family of medium- armored vehicles designed to replace the BMP-2 and MT-LB platforms in mechanized formations of the Russian army. Like their predecessors, the new vehicles have amphibious capability, enabling uninterrupted mobility across rivers. The Kurganets is manufactured by Kurganmashzavod, the plant that produced the previous generations of BMP-1, BMP-2 and BMP-3 vehicles.

Read the full article here.

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