BMPT a no-show at Victory Day Parade

0bae7ae80605421e9d5d7816251c89d6The blog War is Boring has posted a new article asking the question “has the Kremlin fallen out of love with it’s killer BMPT?”  The article notes that the BMPT Terminator was absent in the recent military parade, a sign that it may have fallen out of favor with the Russian Military.  The article reports that the Terminator may be superseded by the T-15 Armata.  The article quotes tank expert Steven Zaloga who makes some interesting comments regarding the new family of vehicles introduced at the Victory Day Parade.

“The Russians are not leaping ahead” with their new armored fleet either, Zaloga noted.  “This is an attempt to catch up.” Zaloga said bluntly. “A lot of this stuff is really stale.”

Read the full blog post here.

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