Tank Video: T-34/85 drafted back into service

This interesting video was brought to our attention in a post by Peter Samsonov over in the WoT forum.  Apparently, this video shows a T-34/85 tank being brought back to life by pro-Russian separatists in the Ukrainian city of Antratsyt.  The color scheme of the vehicle is a bit unusual.  Note the attempts to provide protection against shaped charge warheads, including the mesh side panels and dangling chains on the front of the vehicle.


  1. There is nothing unusual about the colour. A lot of Soviet-era monuments were painted with the same paint that, regrettably, turned this nasty green after several decades.


    • Good to know. It’s really not as bad as some of the colors I have seen painted on tanks outside of VFW and American Legion halls here in the States. I have pictures of an M47 Patton that is literally the color of mint chocolate chip ice-cream.


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