From the Editor: Research question for Eastern Front experts

While browsing through old issues of ARMOR, we came across this letter to the editor in the Jan-Feb 1951 issue from Generalmajor H. B. Mueller-Hillebran, former Chief of Staff of Germany’s XXXVI Panzer Corps & Third Panzer Army.  His letter is in response to an article about Soviet tanks (which unfortunately is in an ARMOR issue not available for download) in which he explains German policy on using captured enemy armor.  He also makes the rather startling claim that in the Ukraine from the end of October to the middle of December, his Panzer regiment destroyed 356 Russian tanks while only losing 12 of their own vehicles (a 30 to 1 kill ratio?!)  He states that his regiment was equipped with around 100 tanks, half of which were Pz IV and half of which were Stug III.  Unfortunately he does not specify the name of his Panzer regiment and his claim of a 30 to 1 kill ratio is a bit hard to swallow.  We would be very curious to hear from anyone with access to the Soviet era archives what the Red Army records from this period show in terms of tank losses in Ukraine in late 1943.

German letter to ARMOR


  1. invaderace says:

    According to this wikipage (üller-Hillebrand) he was at the time commander of the 24th Pz Regiment.


  2. Panzer-Regiment 24. (24.Pz.D) About the loss is difficult to say. But I’ll see. M.G. claims to success in the counterattack 1 Panzer Army in the area Nikopol- Krivoi Rog. Bind lost tanks a 24 tank regiments to be very difficult, not knowing exactly where he acted.
    Will the area and time – set the opposing tank units and their level of losses.


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