From the Vault: Tank-Fighter Team by Robert Gerard

71LyFF4LgeL._SL500_SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Today we present the book “Tank-Fighter Team” by Lieutenant Robert M. Gerard.  Published in 1942 by the Infantry Journal, this book is an account of tank combat during the Invasion of France in 1940 written by Lt. Gerard, a French commander of a Somua S35 tank.  The book tells of how Lt. Gerard and his unit were committed to battle against German tanks as part of a rearguard action, protecting the retreat of a French Infantry division.  Following the fall of France, Lt. Gerard was able to escape to the United States where he helped train U.S. soldiers at Fort Knox in the basics of tank combat. This book should prove interesting to those looking for a first hand account of tank combat in France.  This book is in the public domain and can be viewed here.

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