David Lister on last Sherman vs Pz IV battle

PWgV4UpOver at Overlord’s Blog, researcher David Lister has posted a short piece on the last battle involving M4 Sherman tanks and Pz IV tanks.  While many people might guess that 1945 was the last time these two vehicles faced off against each other, Lister points out that the final confrontation of these two metal warriors was far later than that, occurring during the 1967 “Six Day War” between Israel and her Arab neighbors.

After their defeat in the Israeli War of Independence and the following years the Syrians brought in advisers to help train their army. These were predominantly German ex-soldiers. These advisers convinced the Syrians they needed more armour. So the Syrians went shopping and from about 1959 they started to acquire Panzer IV’s, Stug IIIG’s, a handful of Jagdpanzer IV’s and even the odd Hummel. The tanks seem to have been sourced from both Czechoslovakia and France, although some may have come from Spain as well. They saw action on the Golan heights during the War over Water. However when the Israelis deployed Centurions the old German tanks were forced back. The Syrians then started to receive Russian support, such as T-34/85’s and T54’s. From then on the tanks remained in positions on the Golan heights.

Full article available at Overlord’s Blog.

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